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FAQ- Robotic Surgery for Colorectal Cancer & Appendix
Robotic Surgery Using The Da Vince System For Rectal Cancers
Traditional open surgery for colorectal cancer requires a long incision and leaves behind a painful and unsightly scar. The longer incision leads to more pain after surgery and mobility tends to be slower. A longer wound also has a higher chance of developing infections and wound-related complications. Because the bowel is manipulated by the hand during open surgery, it takes longer for the bowel to recover its digestive function after open surgery, leading to a longer hospital stay.

Laparoscopic (key-hole) surgery is a minimally invasive technique that allows the safe resection of the cancer via a few small incisions of 1-2cm (i.e. ‘key-holes). This reduced the degree of pain and also avoids the need for a long incision or scar. However, Laparoscopic surgery employs the use of straight instruments in place of the hand which are inserted into the abdominal cavity via these ‘key-holes’. A camera (laparoscope) that is inserted into one of the ‘key-holes’ allows the surgeon to visualize the surgery in 2-D views on a HD screen. However, because the instruments are straight and rigid unlike the wrists of our hands, surgical dissections within the pelvis can be challenging.

Long open incision
(click to zoom)
Rigid hand-held laparoscopic instrument
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The next frontier in minimally invasive surgery is the da Vinci Surgical Robotic System which combined the advantages of the laparoscopic access through a few small ‘key-holes’ but has the additional advantage of 3-D high-definition visualization giving the surgeon unparalleled depth perception and special robotic instruments which allow for wrist-like movements within the narrow confines of the pelvis. By overcoming the challenges of traditional open and laparoscopic surgery, da Vinci takes colorectal cancer surgery to a whole new level, beyond the limits of the human hand.

Miniature robotic Endo-wrist instruments with wrist-like action allows for greater dexterity and more intuitive performance characteristics
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Using The Da Vinci Surgical Robot For Resection Of Rectal Cancers Patients Many Potential Benefits, Including:
  1. More precise and meticulous dissection in the narrow pelvic cavity
  2. Faster recovery of bowel function and return to diet after surgery
  3. Less blood loss from a more meticulous dissection
  4. Shorter hospital stay compared to conventional open surgery
  5. Fast recovery time and less pain after surgery 

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